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Your questions answered...

Yes! Studio of Soul was born on the premise that solopreneurs can maintain their own websites without having to come back to us. Of course, they can if they'd like us to assist in the future. Clients receive access Sharon's Wix Whizz online learning platform. Access to the platform is available to your VA on request. 

will I or my VA be able to edit my website?

Sharon is a Wix specialist and only builds on this platform. She previously built on other template platforms but decided to build exclusively on Wix when she saw how much easier her clients found the platforms - including being able to add their own SEO and branding customisations.

which platforms do you build on?

Depending on demand, the usual time between booking to launch is 4-6 weeks. This leaves you plenty of time to gather your content as we will still commence onboarding as soon as you're ready. In that time we support you will your content gathering via your own client portal and automated system. 

How soon will my website be ready? 

Clients are required to submit the copy (words), branding including a mood board (unless our resident designer is assisting you in which case we will have it), imagery including a variety of high-resolution photos to choose from.

what content do I need to submit?

During the pre-website consultation, Sharon will assist you in getting clear about your key message and a writing scaffold of what to put where will be provided. If you decide that you require a copywriter or writing coach to assist you then please ask and we will refer you to one of our preferred associates.

Writing isn't my forte. Can I get help with that?

Yes. Wix provides hosting and on-call support services which is included in their hosting fees. Package prices vary depending on the features you need and your country. As a guide, for Australians a standard is $19USD per month for a standard subscription or $28USD per month if you require some of the business/e-commerce features (aproximately $300-$450AUD per year). Sharon will be able to advise which subscription is right for you during your first consultation. 

Are there other costs involved?
Got further questions?
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